About us

Promoting the acquisition of skills and competences: The aim of this project is not only academic but also practical; to learn real-life practices (e.g. relaxation techniques, cooking skills etc.) is a central aim in this project. The idea is that our schools become healthier, inclusive and happier places to study in order to reduce school drop-out rates and social exclusion.

Social inclusion: This project promotes active citizenship and enhances the students’ social skills. Our main priority in the project is to improve the students’ performance in schools, and thus give them better chances to proceed to further studies at universities or polytechnics. In consequence, this will help them get good jobs and become active citizens in societies. We will try to maximise the number of students involved in the project. One of the guiding ideas is to include students who, out of socioeconomic reasons, haven’t been able to participate in the schools’ more expensive excursions.

A major priority is to bring European students together. Schools play a vital role in promoting the advantages of living in a European community. Through this project we hope to initiate a better understanding and appreciation of cultural differences among Europe’s youth as well as to spark a feeling of unity among the young people.