Unity, adventure, challenge and hilarity – sports in Graz

A rolling stone gathers no moss

May is fast approaching and so is our next multinational meeting – this time in Graz.

What can you expect?

First and foremost, a very active week in which you’ll be doing loads of sports, e.g. running, climbing, hiking, swimming etc., much of which will depend on the weather. So, make sure you bring enough sports clothing and footwear with you. You’ll also need some light summer clothes – it can get pretty warm in Graz in May – as well as a jacket for cooler days – if the weather permits, we’ll visit the Dachstein, Styria’s highest mountain (2995 m) and the Ice Palace inside the Dachstein Glacier.

We hope you have already conducted the sport survey in your schools. Please analyse it (e.g. are there any differences between different age groups or genders) and present it during your stay in Graz.

We are also looking forward to your presentations on the most popular/typical/unique sports in your countries. Make sure you have them ready when you come.

We are already busy planning the programme for the week and are sure that we will spend an interesting, challenging and especially fun time together. We can hardly wait to meet you in Graz.

P.S.: Graz, together with Schladming and Ramsau (Dachstein) hosted the Special Olympics World Winter Games in 2017. If you’d like to take a look, go to http://austria2017.org/de/.

The same locations have also made a bid for the Olympic Winter Games 2026. See e.g. http://olympics.nbcsports.com/2018/03/30/austria-2026-winter-olympic-bid-graz-schladming/ , or: https://www.sportbusiness.com/sport-news/austrian-2026-olympics-bid-proceeds-graz-gives-green-light, etc.

Thanks for the great meeting

Bye-Bye Helsinki!

We’re leaving today, heading homewards to Graz. We’re looking back on a wonderful week here in this beautiful city where we

·         experienced true hospitality,

·         met inspiring partners,

·         got to know the Finnish school system and the Finnish language,

·         learned a lot about healthy food and

·         about how digital media can be used for communication inside and outside of school,

·         cooked and enjoyed delicious meals and lovely chocolates

       and a whole lot more.

Kiitos! Kitos! To our host families, to the team of teachers in Alpillan, first and foremost, to Elina, Annukka and Tarja and to our friends and partners in Sweden and Spain. Tack, Tina and Göran! Gracias, Dany and Nacho!

We very much look forward to your visit to Graz next May and to our meetings in Valencia and Lund.