”We rise by lifthing others” and Musikhjälpen

This year’s Musikhjälpen is launched! Thus our students have started preparing for the next transnational meeting in Lund which is all about ”We rise by lifting others”. Musikhjälpen is the Swedish version of the Serious Request radio and television format, which has been broadcast annually since 2008. The original program Serious Request was created in 2004 by the Dutch radio station 3FM. The purpose of Muiskhjälpen is to raise funds for a project. This is done by closing three program leaders into a house called ”glass cages” for six days without solid food. Meanwhile, they broadcast radio and television 24 hours a day throughout the period, while listeners and viewers may want to wish songs to donate money. You can also start your own collections or auctions to collect money. All money will then go unpaid to young people who have some kind of function variation. This year’s theme of Musikhjälpen is ”Everyone is entitled to work differently”. You can also start your own collections or auctions to raise money. We have created a calendar for 2019 with pictures from our trips to Finland, Spain and Austria.

Here’s our contribution: Musikhjälpen

If you want to join you can also donate money to people around the world. Click here.

Our work can save lives.

Thanks for a great week in Valencia

A few weeks ago we came home to a rainy Lund from sunny Valencia, where we had been at our third transnational meeting. The focus this time was on mental health and we really feel uplifted and well-being.  Valencia proved from his best side.

We have learned Spanish, eaten churros and been guided in the old part of the city. We have had a try on laughing yoga, tai chi, samba, mindfulness and pilates. We have stressed down by working with crafts, played games, watched short stories, told stories for each other and managed to get out of Escape Room. We have cycled through the city and walked through parks. Vi have visited the science museum and oceanografic. We have competed in Crazy Olympic Games.  And, of course, we have eaten paella. Some of us took a swim in the ocean while others wondered if we were really healthy. We laughed at ourselves when we watched the movies we recorded about the pre-conceived notion that exist about us.

When it was time for the closing ceremony and the award of the diploma, both the school principal and the local politician emphasized that projects like ours are important for the future: our young people are not likely to start war and conflicts with their friends in others countries in EU. And if they return to Valencia, they always have a hospitable family to visit.

And we think they will return…

Muchas gracias to our host families! Muchas gracias to the team of teachers: Dany, Nacho, Pilar, Pablo, Jitka, Nacho, Rosa, Salva och Irene! Muchas gracias to the rest of the school, school administrations and principal! Kiitjos paljon to Annukka, Tarja och Elina! Vielen dank to Gabriele and Günther!

We long for May when you are coming to our university town Lund and were ”We rise by lifting others”. Here´s a small taste of what´s waiting for you.

Best regards,
Åsa and Tina