An Erasmus+-project involving Austria, Finland, Spain and Sweden


Thanks for the great meeting

Bye-Bye Helsinki!

We’re leaving today, heading homewards to Graz. We’re looking back on a wonderful week here in this beautiful city where we

·         experienced true hospitality,

·         met inspiring partners,

·         got to know the Finnish school system and the Finnish language,

·         learned a lot about healthy food and

·         about how digital media can be used for communication inside and outside of school,

·         cooked and enjoyed delicious meals and lovely chocolates

       and a whole lot more.

Kiitos! Kitos! To our host families, to the team of teachers in Alpillan, first and foremost, to Elina, Annukka and Tarja and to our friends and partners in Sweden and Spain. Tack, Tina and Göran! Gracias, Dany and Nacho!

We very much look forward to your visit to Graz next May and to our meetings in Valencia and Lund.

Our Erasmus+ KA 219 project Inspired by Health was officially launched at the beginning of September 2017. During this project we will take a closer look at health from different perspectives – starting with healthy nutrition in our first multilateral meeting in Helsinki.

We are truly excited about the meeting and are really looking forward to meeting everyone in Helsinki 13.-18.10.2017! We have enthusiastic students and a great program waiting for you. Since the theme is healthy nutrition, be prepared for plenty of cooking, working in multinational groups, getting to know new people and learning from one another – and even learning a little bit Finnish.

The fact that we have four different countries in this project will give each of us excellent chances to get to know new countries, habits and the possibility to practise our language skills. So not only do we hope to enhance the well-being of students, we also wish for everyone to get acquainted with new people making new friends around Europe.

We are especially happy about having you here in Helsinki in 2017 since this year we celebrate our 100 years of independence.

Welcome to Helsinki – Nähdään pian! Bis bald! Hasta luego!I Vi ses snart!

Best regards,

Annukka, Tarja and Elina + students from Alppila

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